Chicken and Artichoke Stew

Wednesday’s dinner – Chicken and Artichoke Stew – came from the September 2004 issue of Everyday Food. This recipe is what I would classify as a “bold green” recipe. What exactly does that mean, you ask? I’m a little bit crazy about my recipe organization. OK, maybe a lot crazy. I log them in spreadsheets, separated by category. After I try one, I italicize that line in my spreadsheet and color code it. Recipes I really don’t like become red (and probably deleted), recipes I don’t particularly like but might try again become orange, recipes I like become green, and the best of the best become green AND bold.

Is anyone still reading? 🙂

It’s odd, I know, but it makes it easy for me to remember which recipes I’ve tried. It also really helps with menu planning when we have people over for dinner – I can tell right away which recipes are “company worthy.”

This stew (or fricassee, if we’re going to get technical) really makes the grade. I started by browning chicken thighs in my beloved Dutch oven. (Thanks, Mom!) The chicken is set aside to make room for onions, followed 5 minutes later by some flour, chicken broth, water, carrots, thyme, salt and pepper. After about 5 more minutes, the chicken is returned to the pot (now cut into 1/2-inch chunks) to cook through, about 12 minutes. Next, I added artichoke hearts, taking about 1 minute to heat things through. A sprinkle of parsley is the final step. I served this over rice, and it was really fantastic.


TIPS: The original recipe serves 8, but I cut it in half and went with the lower range of the recommended cooking times. If you wanted to make the full recipe, this dish can be frozen (minus the parsley) for up to 3 months. Also, if you don’t want to get out the knife and cutting board, poultry shears are a great way to cut the chicken thighs after they’ve been browned. I snipped them into pieces right over my pot.

This recipe is one of the few that isn’t listed on the Everyday Food Web site, but I’ll happily e-mail it if anyone would like to try it. Let me know!


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