Haloumi, Wine, and Thai – Oh, My!

Dr. O is laughing at this title as I write. Whatever! 🙂

We finished up our time in Sydney with a terrific wine tour in the Hunter Valley and an absolutely wonderful meal at Thai Pothong, a restaurant near our B & B that is apparently a favorite of Hugh Jackman (based on the photos by the bathroom, at least). We had some hits and misses in Sydney, but overall, I’d say it was a great food experience.

After Sydney, we spent three days on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia. We rented a house there and were desperate for food when we arrived, so we snagged a Hawaiian pizza at the only “late night” restaurant in town (“late night” meaning “open past about 7 or 8 p.m.”), Restaurant Bella. It was so, so good. I think Dr. O wanted to eat there every night, but I managed to talk him into the actual *restaurant* part of Restaurant Bella the second night (rib eye for Dr. O and Scotch fillet for me, which I think may be an Australia/New Zealand steak phenomenon). I actually cooked the third night, but it was pure comedy – take-and-bake Turkish bread, frozen fish fillets, and microwavable steamer vegetables. I gave myself a pass because I didn’t have the energy to find all my usual tools in a foreign kitchen. 🙂

Kangaroo Island is a foodie paradise, actually.  The island is home to Island Pure Sheep Dairy, which produces the most delicious sheep’s milk cheeses.  We toured the dairy and tasted the cheeses there (*and* watched the sheep line up for milking!), but we also enjoyed them at several wineries on the island.  My favorite was the haloumi, pan-fried with a bit of lemon juice, while Dr. O loved the Manchego-style cheese.

Kangaroo Island is also a Ligurian bee sanctuary, so there are several honey farms on the island.  We visited the Island Beehive and were able to sample several different varieties of honey.  It’s amazing how the flavors differ depending on the seasons and the plants the bees pollinate.

On the boozy side of things, we visited a number of wineries – Sunset Winery and Dudley Winery in Penneshaw, Chapman River Winery near Cape Willoughby, Two Wheeler Creek Winery in central KI (we met some marron as well!), and Bay of Shoals Winery in Kingscote.  There was also the coolest little distillery called Kangaroo Island Spirits – it’s basically a one-man operation with small batches of the most delicious spirits we’ve ever tasted.  He had lime-ginger, lemon, anise-fennel, and honey-walnut, but we ended up going home with a bottle of the strawberry-vanilla.  It will make for some amazing Champagne cocktails when we get home, for sure.

We’re fiending for dinner, so I’ll close for now…  My next post will include details of the Barossa Valley wine tour we did today (yay for Wolf Blass!).  We miss you all!


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