French Onion Soup

How do I love thee, Pioneer Woman?  Let me count the recipes.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman), she’s an “accidental country girl” who blogs about life on an Oklahoma ranch with her cowboy husband and four children.  Cooking is one of the central themes of her Web site, and every single thing she makes looks abso-freakin’-lutely delicious.  Every.  Single.  Thing.

I’m a relative latecomer to the Pioneer Woman party, so I haven’t actually made all that many of her recipes yet.  (OK, I’ll admit it.  I’ve only made one.  But that Vanilla Bean Ice Cream might be the most delicious thing to ever come from the marriage of a saucepan and a freezer.  Plus, I just bought her cookbook, so surely more will come!)  I’ve been lucky enough to have things made for me, though.  One of my best memories from last winter was the day my friend Christopher brought all of the ingredients for Pioneer Woman’s French Onion Soup over to the old condo and spoiled Dr. O and I with dinner.  (What friends I have!  I tell you.)  It’s absolutely to die for, and I’m sure the stick of butter and cup of wine have a lot to do with it.

I’ve been meaning to make it for well over a week now, but The Sickness took me down before I could get to it.  Thankfully, my ingredients survived the delay.  I’m not even going to put you through the paces of step-by-step instruction today because nobody does it better than Pioneer Woman herself.  Visit her site to check out the recipe (with a photo for each step!).

French Onion Soup

This soup is just so, so good.  Make it!  It takes some time (about 2 hours total), but most of that is just sitting around waiting for things to happen.  If you can melt butter and slice onions, success is sure to be yours.

One thing, though…  I’m used to using unsalted butter in all of my cooking, and Pioneer Woman uses salted butter in hers.  Plus, she suggests using regular-sodium beef broth with the low-sodium chicken broth; silly goose over here bought all low-sodium.  Due to the combination of unsalted butter and low-sodium broth, I did end up having to add several healthy pinches of kosher salt to my soup to get it to taste the way I wanted it to taste.  So, either go with the salted butter and regular-sodium beef broth or be prepared to season.

Recipe link: French Onion Soup


1 Response to “French Onion Soup”

  1. 1 Kari November 12, 2009 at 7:33 am

    oooooooohhhhhhh….french onion soup is a Frazier favorite!!! I can’t wait to try this one!!!!! 🙂

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