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How to Cut a Cheesecake Perfectly

Time is short today, my friends, so I have a tip/teaser for tomorrow’s post.

What’s the secret for cutting a cheesecake perfectly? No knife or hot water is involved. No kitchen utensils are involved at all, actually.

Are you ready?

It’s dental floss.

You have to make sure you get the unflavored kind, unless you want a hint of mint on the edges of your slices. You just pull the floss taut over the middle of the cheesecake with about an extra inch on each side. Gently pull/push the floss down through the middle of the cheesecake. (The pulling is you holding the floss tight horizontally; the push is the floss coming down through the cheesecake vertically.) The floss is the only thing that actually touches the cheesecake; your hands will be about an inch outside on each side. When you’ve pulled the floss down to the base of the cheesecake, pull it extra tight to make sure you cut through the crust. Then, just pull the floss out one side of the cheesecake, wipe it clean with a paper towel, and make your next cut.

Pictures (and a fantastic fall cheesecake recipe) coming tomorrow!

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