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How to Slice an Onion Without Crying

Onions and I are NOT friends.  I love to cook with them, but I am seriously one of those people who ends up with a mascara-streaked face within about 15 seconds of cutting one open.  And boy, do my eyes burn!  I’ve tried “onion goggles” and they help some, but I still tear up every time.

My mom caught me on the phone this evening *just* before I was about to slice an onion for dinner.  She told me to light a candle first.  I lit a tea light and placed it right next to my cutting board.  Amazingly enough, it worked!  I didn’t tear up at all.  I guess the flame is supposed to burn up the onion fumes or something…  Who knows.  What I *do* know is that I’ll never cut an onion without a candle nearby ever again!

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