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Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole

In the interest of tightening up my grocery budget just a bit, I recently went on a quest to see if Costco’s meat really was cheaper than my regular grocery store. The verdict?  Not so much.  However, I did discover that Costco had killer deals on several items of produce.  I was able to get 12 large Braeburn apples for only $4.49 (I’m used to paying around $1.99 per pound unless I make the special trip to Sunflower Market; $4.49 usually translates into about 5 apples), 12 ounces of raspberries for $2.99 (usually anywhere from $2.99 to $4.99 for only 6 ounces!), and a bag of 6 gorgeous red peppers for $5.79 ($1.99 each on a normal day, $0.99 when on sale).  I’m not sure that Costco would be worth a special trip since it’s 15 minutes from my house, but I’m definitely going to visit the produce area during every Costco trip from here on out.

Today’s recipe centers around the peppers from my produce score.  I have a special place in my heart for Egg-In-A-Hole; my uncle made if for me for breakfast during my Colorado visits when I was growing up (except he called it Egg Toast).  I always get the warm fuzzies when someone makes me breakfast, and his version was always so delicious.  I saw this particular version – Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole – in this month’s issue of Everyday Food, and I just had to give it a shot.

To prep for the meal, I sliced one red bell pepper (any color is fine) into four 1/2-inch-thick rings and grated 2 teaspoons of Parmesan cheese.  In a large nonstick skillet, I heated 1 teaspoon of olive oil over medium-high heat.  I added the bell pepper rings to the skillet (evenly spaced) and cracked 1 egg into the middle of each ring.  I seasoned the eggs with coarse salt and ground pepper and cooked until the egg whites were mostly set (about 3 minutes).  Next, I gently flipped each egg (with the pepper, of course) and cooked for an additional 90 seconds.  (The recipe says 1 minute for over easy; we tend to like our eggs over medium.  Cook them longer if you like your yolks cooked through.  If you gently touch the yolk area with your finger, you should be able to sense how cooked the yolk is by how firm to the touch it is.)  I sprinkled each egg with 1/2 teaspoon of the Parmesan and placed each one on a slice of unbuttered wheat toast.

In a separate bowl, I tossed 8 cups of mixed salad greens with 2 teaspoons of olive oil (the recipe said to use 1 teaspoon, but I didn’t think it was enough), seasoned the greens with coarse salt and ground pepper, and then tossed again.  I served the salad alongside the eggs.

Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole

This was such a fun, delicious twist on the traditional Egg-In-A-Hole recipe.  Two added bonuses: it’s an incredibly light meal (only 4 Weight Watchers points, even with the extra teaspoon of oil in the salad) and it only took 10 minutes to prepare. 10 minutes!  It’s love.  I was also shocked by how delicious the salad was since it had next to nothing on it.  Flavorful greens and an appropriate amount of seasoning really did the trick.

Now, if I were going to serve this to company, I would probably butter the toast. Between a bit of runny yolk and the awesome flavors of the egg and the bell pepper, I didn’t miss it; I just think the extra bit of flavor would really step things up for guests.  Also, if you’re feeding folks with strong appetites (especially at dinner), be warned that Dr. O ate three of these.  He’s a machine.

Hope you try the recipe and enjoy!

TIPS:  I was surprised to see that the recipe recommended cooking the eggs over medium-high heat.  I’m used to cooking them over medium-low to medium heat for tenderness.  Everything worked out well with the recipe, though, so I’ll go with the higher heat setting when I make eggs this particular way.

Recipe link: Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole

My Favorite Healthy Recipes

I try to eat relatively healthy meals most of the time, so this post really isn’t about New Year’s resolutions or anything.  Still, after a month or two of holiday foods – many of which are delightfully rich, delightfully sweet, or both – it can sure feel good to get back to fresh, healthful cooking.  I compiled a list of my very favorite healthy recipes…  By “healthy,” I mean lower in calories, lower in fat, but still bursting with flavor.  Give them a try!

Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry (Gluten free, dairy free)
Serves 4
Per serving: 319 cal; 15.3 g fat; 32.1 g protein; 14.3 g carb; 3.5 g fiber (calculated without rice)

Chicken with Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Gluten free, dairy free)
Serves 4
Per serving: 328 cal; 12.7 g fat; 46.7 g protein; 4.4 g carb; 0.9 g fiber

Cream Cheese Frittata
Serves 4
Per serving: 271 cal; 19.6 g fat; 13.1 g protein; 10.5 g carb; 0.8 g fiber

Eggplant Rollatini
Serves 4
Per serving: 267 cal; 12.8 g fat (6.8 g sat fat); 19 g protein; 21.2 g carb; 8.7 g fiber

Egg-White Omelet with Spinach and Cottage Cheese
Serves 1
Per serving: 199 cal; 8.1 g fat (2.7 g sat fat); 23.1 g protein; 8.7 g carb; 2.7 g fiber

Healthier Meat Lasagna
Original recipe serves 4 (huge serving); nutrition calculated for 6
Per serving: 313 cal; 10.3 g fat (4 g sat fat); 26.9 g protein; 28.3 g carb; 6.3 g fiber

Salmon Burgers with Yogurt-Dill Sauce
Serves 4
Per serving: 332 cal; 11.2 g fat (2.2 g sat fat); 30.1 g protein; 28.3 g carb; 3.8 g fiber

Shrimp Stir-Fry (Gluten free, dairy free)
Serves 4
Per serving (calculated with tofu, but numbers will be close with shrimp):
286 cal; 15.1 g fat; 23.2 g protein; 21 g carb; 4.2 g fiber

Smothered Chicken
Serves 4
Per serving: 326 cal; 12.9 g fat; 40.8 g protein; 10.2 g carb; 1.9 g fiber

Spaghetti Puttanesca
Serves 6
Per serving: 365 cal; 6.8 g fat; 11 g protein; 64.6 g carb; 3.2 g fiber

Two-Cheese Tortilla Pizza with Arugula Salad
Serves 4
Per serving: 310 cal; 13.9 g fat (4.2 g sat fat); 14 g protein; 33 g carb; 4.9 g fiber

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